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I have always been drawn to anything that shines or sparkles jewelry, glassware, light fixtures ( I have several boxes full of 1940's 1950's ceiling globes). During my search for Mayfair Open Rose Depression glass, I began picking up pretty pieces of costume jewelry and other items that I recognized as collectible.

In 1990 we opened a mall booth in a nearby town to rid ourselves of things we'd bought that we didn't really want to keep. Following the path of so many others, we had crossed the line from collectors to dealers. My main interest quickly changed from glassware to costume jewelry. The booth grew to 300 square feet with 4 large jewelry display cases full of sparkling beads and rhinestones. Wonderful customers from several states came back year after year to add to their
jewelry collections, and I became known as the "jewelry lady" in northeast Texas. My husband was thrilled with my change of interest, because jewelry is much lighter to carry.

Renaissance Jewelry
In March 1997, I opened my Illusion Jewels Vintage Costume Jewelry website. I decided to close my physical mall shop for good in June 2001, and concentrate on the internet business. In addition to selling vintage and some contemporary costume jewelry, I handcraft a line of Renaissance and Medieval jewelry for Renaissance Faires. I love working with customers to make the perfect jewelry accessories to complete their costumes. My "Jewelry by Dorothea" has been worn in many weddings and has appeared on stage worn by a Broadway actress and is worn by "Renaissance royalty" around the world.

Other customers are Walt Disney World,  "Reign" about Mary Queen of Scots on the CW network  and many theater companies.

In addition to the Renaissance jewelry, I make other jewelry using contemporary and vintage components. My "after Christmas" tree pins are favorites among Christmas tree collectors.

My handcrafted jewelry was also purchased for use in the movies There Will Be Blood and Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Christmas Tree Pins


Researching Costume Jewelry
I am very interested in the history of jewelry and have an extensive jewelry research and jewelry history feature on my website called "Researching Costume Jewelry". It is a work in progress and continues to grow as new features and information are added.

I want all my customers to be completely satisfied with their purchases, whether they be vintage jewelry or my handcrafted jewelry. To that end, I will do everything I can to make your buying experience at Illusion Jewels Vintage Jewelry a very pleasant one. My many repeat customers are very important, and I'd love to make every customer a member of that group!


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